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arts and sciences

arts2Many of our Shire members are adept with needle, thread, and research to create wonderful period garb. Need help with a project? Come to A&S Project Days or ask around at one of our business meetings. Other SCA activities including cooking, brewing, horticulture, calligraphy & illumination, heraldry, leather working, metal working, games, music, needlework, poetry & literature, wood working, dance, and more. 

Here are some useful links for these activities:
Bobbin Lace Sewing/Garb Armouring
Lace Identification Elizabethan Costuming Page The Armour Archive
Intro to Bobbin Lace Greater Bay Area Costumers' Guild  
  Festive Attyre Brewing
Embroidery The Weeb Site Medieval/Renaissance Brewing
A stitch out of Time Costume Picture Gallery--In the Kitchen and Market  
  Free Islamic Patterns Medieval/Renaissance Food
Diverse Reserch Collections
Steffan's Florilegim  


Fabrics Armour Clothing
Denver Fabrics Historic Enterprises Revival Clothing
Bobbin Lace Accessories  
Van Sciver, Supplies Talbot's Fine Accessories  
Lacy Susan , Supplies Celtic Sun

Shire Champions

Archery Champion:
Astridr Ymirsdottir

Bard of Ravenslake:
Lady Gabrielle Roslyn Morley

Bocce Ball Champion:
Reimar Erikson

Heavy Weapons Champion:
Hjalmar Njalsson

Rapier Champion:
Morvyth Bengrick

Thrown Weapons Champion:
Lady Metylda of Ravenslake