The Shire of Ravenslake has experienced members eager to instruct newcomers on the wide variety of activities in the SCA.

BorderSkirmish-75The oldest martial activity in the SCA is Armored Combat. Using rattan weapons and wearing armor, participants perform a martial art representing the ideals of a Chivalric Tournament of noble lords and ladies. Participants also participate in battles of up to 1,200 people.
rapier1-75In the 1450s to 1600s AD in Europe, a thin steel weapon known as a rapier was the weapon of choice for tournament. In the SCA, participants perform a precursor to modern fencing known as Rapier Combat and a variation known as Cut & Thrust.
archery2-75The bow and arrow has been in existence for thousands of years. It was also popular throughout the middle ages. In the SCA participants enjoy a variety of medieval contests in archery (bows and crossbows), throwing axes, throwing knives, and throwing spears.
ASDay-75If it was done prior to 1600 AD, then there is someone in the SCA who knows how to do it. The SCA recreates medieval dance, cooking, pottery, armoring, sewing, woodworking, singing, storytelling, calligraphy and illumination, art, and many other activities. These activities are known as the Arts & Sciences.
youth-75The SCA welcomes participants of all ages. Youth activities include youth combat, youth archery, and medieval gaming.