Artisans’ Day at Ravenslake

Saturday, October 28, AS 58 (2023)

***Event Information Updates***
September 27: site fees and initial list of salons updated; check back often for more information!

A fun-filled day of education and enjoyment of the arts & sciences

Lake Villa Township Community Center
37850 N. IL. Route 59
Lake Villa, IL 60046
Less than a quarter-mile south of IL Rt 132 pointer
Navigation app users: Type in the actual address rather than looking for it by name or you may be misdirected.

Lunch, performance, and brewing/vintning activities will be at the adjacent Church of the Holy Family, 25291 W Lehman Blvd, Lake Villa, IL 60046.
Both sites are mobility-accessible (ramps, paved parking, elementary-school-type restrooms).

Alcohol is permitted ONLY in the brewing/vintning room – the rest of the site is BONE DRY. IDs will be checked at the Gate.

Event co-Stewards
The Honorable Forester Reimar Erikson

The Honorable Siobhan an Einigh

Site opens at 8:30 AM and closes to attendees at 6:00 PM for cleanup and breakdown.
If you are in either building at 6:01 PM or later you may be handed a broom or garbage bag and will be expected to use it.

Please note: Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.


Participants engaging in this behavior are subject to appropriate sanctions.

If you are subjected to harassment, bullying, or retaliation, or if you become aware of anyone being harassed or bullied, contact a seneschal, President of the SCA, or your Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman.


Site Fees (cash or checks accepted at the Gate)

Adult 21+: $15
Adult Member: $10
Ages 10-20: $10
Ages 10-20 Member: $5
Under Age 10: No Charge
Family Cap (2 Adults + 2 or more Ages 10-20): $25

A simple lunch of soup and sides is included in the site fee. Please check back soon for details and ingredient lists.

You are welcome to bring your own meal if you choose; there is also a small sandwich shop across the road.
Coffee and tea will be available on-site all day.

No motel blocks have been arranged for the event. Several motels in varying price ranges are available in Gurnee (I-94 at Grand Avenue/Rt 132), approximately 30 minutes from the event site.

Class coordinator:
Baroness Kristiana of Arden (mka Kristine Petroshius)

Salon coordinator: the Honorable Hilla Stormbringer

What’s a salon? In pre-Revolutionary France, intellectuals and artists (and those who aspired to be known as such) were hosted by the social and cultural elite at gatherings known as salons. People of ideas and ability used these gatherings to network, exchange knowledge, and read from, perform, or otherwise show off their latest creations.

Artisans’ Day will offer a variety of 3-hour-long themed salons: time and space to gather with others who share your interest, to work on your own projects and share your knowledge, research, and resources. These are not structured, nor are they workshops – there’s no defined outcome or goal, other than the camaraderie of shared time and space working with others who have a common interest.

A few salon spaces are still available – contact the coordinator if you’re interested in hosting one!

Salons scheduled to date:

  • Fiber Arts hosted by the Honorable Metylda of Ravenslake
  • Games hosted by Baron Aelfred of Chester, O.P.
  • Metalworking hosted by Baron Samson Muskovitch and the Honorable Captain Hjalmr Njalsson
  • Brewing & Vintning hosted by the Honorable Seathan MacDhabhidh and the Noble Tzvi ben Avraham
  • Bardic Activities hosted by the Honorable Hilla Stormbringer

There are no combat activities planned for the day. However, if weather permits and you bring your own marshal, there is plenty of space on the lawns for pickup fighting.

Weather permitting, merchants may set up outdoors at no additional charge.